Giving back to the community since 1973 


Annual Recap 2015 - 2016

The TLWC Board of Directors, as well as the entire membership of the Tri Lakes Women’s Club, has had an extremely busy as well as productive, successful year.

We continued our strong tradition of community support; we helped at the annual Monument Fourth of July Parade by manning the “Lost Child” booth, helped provide food for the community wide Thanksgiving Dinner held at Rosie’s Diner, collected a great deal of food for Tri Lakes Cares during several food drives, and once again participated in the Giving Tree Holiday program also for Tri Lakes Cares.

The 2015-16 year began with the first annual TLWC picnic held in August.  Later in the fall of 2015 was the first of the two Newcomers Meet and Greets where 32 new members were welcomed.  Additionally, the Past TLWC President’s Tea was held in December.

Our two major fund raisers, Wine and Roses and the Pine Forest Spring Show, were both huge successes. In both instances, the monetary goals were not only met, but in fact were greatly surpassed.

Other methods of fund raising were explored and we introduced the King Sooper card and dinning at Chilis as additional fundraising opportunities.

During the September luncheon, a brief survey identified  the issue of Alzheimers as an area of both concern and member desire for involvement. After a meeting with the leadership of the local Alzheimers Association and  subsequent TLWC committee meetings, it was decided the most benefit to our community was through providing education.  In May, 2016 an educational program was presented to the public on the subject.   Additionally a new Interest Group of quilters has been formed that will be making memory quilts for community members affected by the disease.

The entire set of Policies and Procedures guiding the board was reviewed and brought up to date.

We continued to adapt record keeping to more completely utilize Drop Box with the entire PFSS leading the change. We now have moved forward to adopting Professional status with our Drop Box record keeping.

All four goals established by the Board in September 2015 have not only been addressed, but  successfully completed. Perhaps the most impactful goal being the proposed by law change regarding the geographical restrictions placed on membership. During the May, 2016 Annual TLWC Business Meeting votes were tallied with membership deciding that the by-law addressing geographic guidelines for membership would not be changed.