Giving back to the community since 1973 


2015-2016 Board of Directors

Executive Committee (Officers)

Co-Presidents Maureen Kral
Kathy Murphy
Co-Presidents Elect Becky Hassler
Susan Weese
1st VP Programs Pam Perry
Katrina Bushkuhl
2nd VP Charitable Events:
Pine Forest Springs Show & Sale
Rose Fortune
Cindi Monohan
2nd VP Charitable Events:
Harvesting Hope
Diane Zeiger
Charlie Ann Hayes
Treasurer, Operations Liz Schreiber
Treasurer, Charitable Events Millie Town
Secretary Marki Morison-Gille
Parliamentarian Mary Mills 


Standing Committee Chair (Appointed)

Membership Judy Sawyer
Ann Sentman
Reservations/Communication Billie Healy
Grant Committee Barb Betzler
Interest Groups Nancy Young
Newsletter Shari Young
Publicity Gail Wittman
Web Administrator Janet Tucker


Special Committee Chairs

SOS Jan Smith
Betsy Blackmar
Historian/Property Sandra Sciadini
Nominating Committee Nancy Baumgardner