Giving back to the community since 1973 


2015-2016 Board of Directors

Executive Committee (Officers)

Co-Presidents Charlie Ann Hayes
Millie Town
Co-Presidents Elect Maureen Kral
Kathy Murphy
1st VP Programs Carol Gaskill
Penny LeNeveu
2nd VP Charitable Events:
Pine Forest Antiques, 
Home Decor and Garden Show & Sale

Andrea Keough
Cindi Monahan

2nd VP Charitable Events:
Harvesting Hope
Diane Zeiger
Betsy Blackmar
Treasurer, Operations Liz Schreiber
Treasurer, Charitable Events Shelley Pruett
Secretary Joan Peterson
Parliamentarian Mary Mills 


Standing Committee Chair (Appointed)

Membership Sally Stephenson
Ann Cook
Reservations/Communication Susanna Peters
Heidi Truty
Grant Committee Barb Betzler
Interest Groups Nancy Young

Susan Weese                                              

Michele Hanley


Gerri Aichinger

Suzanne D'Innocenzo

Web Administrator

Janet Tucker                                                

Becky Hassler


Special Committee Chairs


Jean Gerstner                                                

Janet Tucker

Historian/Property Sandra Sciadini
Nominating Committee


Geri Bush