Giving back to the community since 1973 


2019 - 2020 Board of Directors

Executive Committee (Officers)

Co-Presidents Marki Morison-Gille
Pam Perry
Co-Presidents Elect

Jan McKinley

Judy Sawyer

1st VP Programs

Charlie Ann Hayes

Ann Cook

2nd VP Charitable Events:
Pine Forest Springs Show & Sale

Christi Beyer Tarver

Linda Vernon


Treasurer, Operations Heidi Truty
Treasurer, Charitable Events Barb Betzler
Secretary Billie Healy
Parliamentarian Gail Wittman


Standing Committee Chair (Appointed)


Liz Schreiber

Suzanne d'Inncenzo



Maureen Krai

Rae Jean Claybaugh

Grant Committee Cindi Ryan
Interest Groups Judy Crusius
Newsletter Shari Young
Web Administrator

Joanie Lang

Jan McKinley


Special Committee Chairs

SOS Kim Sullivan
Historian/Property Cindy Monahan
Nominating Committee

Donna Adams