Giving back to the community since 1973 


Community Support; Lifelong Friends

Supporting your community can be very satisfying. Working together to support your community is even better. Side-by-side we serve the Tri-Lakes area, enhancing the lives of others and, in the process, enriching our own lives with new friends and new experiences.

Through our many interest groups, learning opportunities, social events and charitable endeavors, Tri-Lakes Women Club offers members the opportunity to meet wonderful women who share the same goals and interests, while making our community the best it can be.

About Us

  • Two hundred+ of the most energetic and dedicated women you will ever meet.
  • A long-time supporter of the Tri-Lakes Community through volunteer service and grants to non-profit organizations, public schools, and public service organizations.
  • An organization that has given over $980,000 to qualified organizations serving the Tri-Lakes Community
  • A club where social needs can be met through many fun opportunities including quilting, games, outdoor activites, book clubs, dining out and many other group functions.
  • A source for educational opportunities of broad interest presented at luncheon meetings and special events
  • An organization that offers the opportunity to make instant friends when you are new to the club and/or new to the Tri-Lakes area
  • A club where individual personal support runs high when you need it the most
  • A club fortunate to have a very long history with many long-term and many new members creating a synergy that only this mix can create
  • An interesting mix of backgrounds and experiences, similarities and differences, skills and abilities within its membership
  • A club known statewide for its annual Pine Forest Spring Show and many other community events.


TLWC Mission

The mission of Tri-Lakes Women’s Club is to support the Tri-Lakes community through charitable and educational endeavors by raising and distributing funds to assist qualified organizations and promoting the education of its members and the community through instructional programs.